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  • Matsuhashi Reinetsu's System

    Matsuhashi Reinetsu’s System

    Our perfect system contributes to create comfort.


    We carefully assess the needs of our customers by speaking with them and conceive a concept to meet each request.


    Through basic planning we seek to offer our customers the best plan by cost, quality and ecological improvements.

    Matsuhashi Reinetsu’s Work


    Our latest CAD system enables detailed designs based on a careful study of size, performance, wattage and noise reduction.


    Our trustworthy construction follows our company’s strict criteria rules through every step, from site investigation to the delivery.

  • Matsuhashi Reinetsu’s Business Domain

    Refrigerator Business

    *Supports All Kinds of Freshness Management

    We hope to deliver food to your table that has been kept in a safe, fresh and delicious state.

    As people care more and more about the quality of food these days, our advanced freezing and refrigeration technology is utilized in many situations to keep food fresh.

    Air Conditioner Business

    *Constantly aiming for new comforts

    Matsuhashi Reinetsu brings greater comfort to any place people gather, continuously striving for greater air conditioning technologies, and aims for greater comfort levels by thinking clean.

    In addition, we are confident we offer the next generation of energy-saving strategic proposals with a wide perspective to suit the needs of the current generation.

  • List of Business Items


    • Freezing-refrigeration Facilities for Stores
    • Freezing-refrigeration Facilities
    • Agricultural Machinery

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    Air Conditioners

    • Cooling and Heating Air Condition Facilities
    • Water Supply, Drainage, Sanitation and Gas Facilities
    • Fire Protection Facilities
    • Special Air Condition Facilities for Constant Temperature and Humidity
    • Cleanroom Facilities

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Our Business
Our Business
Refrigerator Business
Refrigerator Business
Industrial Air Conditioner
Industrial Air Conditioner